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How can we contact you?

Will my daughter be able to call home?

Yes and no. It is preferable that the girls do not call home since this may foster homesickness. On the other hand, whenever there is sufficient reason, the girls will be able to do so.

If we have an emergency who can I contact?

You will receive an e-mail during June which will have contact names and their phone numbers for any question you might have during the week of camp.

Can I mail letters to my daughter while at camp? What is the address?

Letters are always welcome and should be sent to the following address: Stoney Creek Ranch, 1912 Zimmerscheidt Road, New Ulm TX 78950. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any form of care packages, boxes, containers, etc. only letters.

Who are your counselors? How do you select them?

Our counselors are college and high school young women who have demonstrated leadership qualities and attend formative activities at Sheridan Study Center*. There is an application process and interview which assures the staff of the camp that the counselors identify with the mission and goals of Camp Bluebonnet. 

How do you train your counselors?

Sheridan Study Center* hosts a counselor-training seminar before camp. It includes work sessions on the goals of the camp, leadership workshops, preparation of the talks for campers, planning camp activities, first aid training. Additionally, the counselors attend throughout the year different activities which help them in their personal growth as leaders of camp.

Will I be able to bring an infant to the Mom's Brunch?

You are welcome to bring a nursing baby to the camp. Please do not to bring infants who can walk.

My daughter's birthday falls during the camp week, what can I do?

 Her birthday will be announced at breakfast and she will be serenaded by the entire camp. 

*For more information please visit

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